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What is power inverter

Posted January 26, 2016 by Joyonto kumar in Buying Guidelines

What is power inverter?

What is power inverter?

Inverter or power inverter is a converter that converts DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current). Its peak power from dc source and convert it to household AC power. Its input voltage, output voltage and frequency depend on design of the specific devices or circuitry. The power inverter does not produce any power, its convert the power.

Source of DC Power

Main source of DC power is rechargeable lead acid battery. The Battery charged by the electricity and keeps power. Inverter peak the power from the battery and convert it into AC power and where are you use power inverter.

Input voltage of power inverter:

Generally, Input voltage of a power inverter does not stable. It depends on DC power source and capacity of a power inverter. Like

  • 12 VDC, for smaller home electronics appliances that runs 12V rechargeable lead acid battery.
  • 24 and 48 VDC, which for home energy systems.
  • 200 to 400 VDC, when power is from photovoltaic solar panels.
  • 300 to 450 VDC, for vehicle battery packs in vehicle-to-grid systems.
  • Hundreds of thousands of volts, where the inverter is part of a high voltage direct current power transmission system. Like: The transmitter of a electric pool which convert thousands of volt to perfect home electricity 220v.

Inverter produces three different: square wave, pure sine wave and modified sine wave.

Pure Sine Wave:

The first wave form is pure sine wave. Sine Wave is used to operate sensitive electronic devices that require high quality waveform with little harmonic distortion. In addition, they have high surge capacity which means they are able to exceed their rated wattage for a limited time. This enables power motors to start easily which can draw up to seven times their rated wattage during startup. Virtually any electronic device will operate with the output from a pure sine wave inverter. This kind of power inverter is most expensive. Using for only sensitive rechargeable electronics and Medical equipments

Modified Sine Wave:

Modified Sine Wave approximate a pure sine waveform. Modified sine wave inverters are designed to satisfy the efficiency requirements of the photovoltaic system while being less expensive than pure sine waveform inverters. These inverters are capable of operating a wide variety of loads; electronic and household items including but not limited to TV, VCR, and satellite receiver, computers, and printers.


Power inverter comes in different sizes, shapes and capacities. The all power inverter models are set in a small rectangle boxes with attach wire and jack that can be directly plug into the cigarette lighter in car dashboard. Some have a jumper cable which plug into directly to the battery. You can use easily use this all power inverter in a boat or car or anywhere, where you have a DC battery source.

You can also use power inverter in a areas where electricity is unstable. Battery connected to the electric system and store through the main electricity in a battery. When the main electric source gone outage, you can easily run your small home electric appliances.

Where you are? You are at home or in a remote location, you can keep supply power to your mobile phone, small TV, laptop, DVD players, MP3 player and so many appliances which we uses regular.

Use Power Inverter Safely:

Today’s power inverter is more safety than ever. Most of the power inverter have a high voltage auto shutdown when the power supply is too high and ringing alarm. Same protection for low voltage, indicator signal and some other.

Although the power inverter is safe but you have to know something to safely use power inverter:

  • When use your inverter in boat or in a car, keep the inverter away from the engine.
  • Do not use when the inverter too hot. Shutdown the inverter and wait until the inverter cool and then start inverter again.
  • Keep the inverter cord dry and check external fuse are okay.
  • Connect the inverter only to the car battery or remote terminal source, not use the car cigarette lighter.
  • Cigarette lighter supply 12 volt current not enough to run inverter.
  • When connect to the battery with cord, check tiddly, the cord not in loose connection to the battery.
  • Check the inverter manual book properly.

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