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Where are You Use Power Inverter

Posted January 31, 2016 by Joyonto kumar in Buying Guidelines

Where are You Use Power Inverter?Where are You Use Power Inverter

Power inverter, or inverter is an electronics devices that converts DC 12 Volt power to AC household power. Keep supplying power to your home appliances Like: DVD player, small tv, laptops, gaming console, audio player and so on using power inverter. They supply power in those areas where you can not access standard 115v-120v power AC power. You simply connect inverter to a 12v battery and plug into your devices to the inverter. You want to know more about power inverter see this article What is power inverter?.

There are various types of power inverter and different sources from which convert power. Mostly pure sine wave, modified sine wave and square wave. The power inverter are make two kinds one is pure sine wave and other is modified sine wave.  Pure sine wave inverter is costly and modified sine wave inverter is less costly than pure sine waveSmaller 12 volt power inverter that  directly connected through the car cigarette lighter on dashboard. The other inverter is fact to match them with the battery type and size. If you are using small car power battery it gives you continuous 30 to 60 minutes power to you before they need to be charged.  You can charge the battery by turning on engine using gas generator, need ten minutes to charge a battery and use this battery about an hours.

We assume that you know very well about power inverter, If you use power inverter before or not. You must need to know where actually use power inverter.

  • We think first better place to using power inverter in a areas where the electricity is not stable. If you lives in such type of areas, inverter is best you to keep supply power to your electronics appliances. Battery connected to the electric system and store through the main electricity in a battery. When the main electric source is gone outage, connect your power inverter run your home electrics appliances. Keeping supply current to convert that DC power to 115-120 volt Ac power.
  • The Second is, Suppose you are a jobholder, you choose a weekend and you want to go long drive with your family for refreshment. You are with your wife and kids. It is long journey. After a long drive you are feel so boring and kids are shouting loudly not listening anyone. Your phones, laptops battery has low down and gaming console, DVD player you have but you can not use it. Think, if you will have a power inverter and connect inverter through the cigarette lighter on your car dashboard and you easily charge phone, laptops or play video games to your kids.
  • Whether you are at home, or your are in remote location or you have remote jobs or you are in campfire or everywhere where you need power, just need a lead acid battery and all work will done power inverter for you,  charge your hungry phones, laptops and run your gaming console, DVD player etc be safe your appliances.

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